This Wedding Will Happen On My Terms

The movies are right. Preparing for weddings really are a stressful time. I thought Hollywood writers are just exaggerating. When I started preparing for my own wedding, I told myself, all it needs for everything to work out alright is proper planning. I believe that the right planning will ensure that I get the wedding that I want on my own terms without any compromises. This is why I prepared for my wedding even before I found a husband. Call me crazy, but I prefer to call it proper planning.

One of my major goals in terms of this wedding was to fit into my dream gown. Because of this I have stuck to a very strict diet. I also saw to it that I get the necessary exercise every day. My fiance was also very supportive and he joined me whenever I decided to quit using the fitness machines at home actually went outside for a run. Unfortunately, after a month of this diet and exercise, I saw that my weight loss numbers were not quite up to par. Clearly, drastic measures need to be undertaken.

A few days ago, I have enrolled in a gym and joined a promising program. Unfortunately, that program requires most of my free time. This means I’m no longer able to blog on a regular basis. It’s no big loss really. With all the necessary wedding preparations, I haven’t been blogging much. This is how I am committed to this wedding. Whatever happens, this wedding will happen according to my terms.

Some of my friends have already started teasing me as Bridezilla. I know this is just all in good fun but unless it is their wedding, they will never understand why I care so much with every detail of my wedding preparations.

Right now, my main focus is to just lose weight. This weight loss program that I am following is very strict but I am willing to do it in order to achieve my goals. Because of this, you won’t be seeing any new blog post for the next few months.

I’ll be back to blogging after I’m married.

Anxiety Attack

Just on my last post, I shared with you how frantic I was during the preparations. Well, right now, I feel like I am getting a full-pledged anxiety attack. I feel like there are still tons of things to do and appointments to follow up on but my deadline is really closing in on me. I am so scared that everything won’t be perfect during my wedding day just because I feel behind on my tasks.

My family and friends have been assuring me that this won’t happen and I just needed to chill out. My fiancé is very sorry that he can’t be as fully involved with the process as I was because he has to work all the time. Sometimes, I just really wish that I took my mother’s advice and just a hired a real planner. It is absolutely hard to do everything on your own and for your own wedding no less!

So this afternoon, my best friend and my maid-of-honor decided to force me away from the wedding preparations and just chilled out with her. We went to have coffee and then a nice little Italian dinner after. Then we had dessert of course. Hmm, I wish I wouldn’t gain weight with everything I ate today. I sure tried to console myself by overeating.

Double Time

I woke up this morning freaking out. I realized that there were so many things left for me to do! One month is not a long time and I am sure that before I know it, my one month is up and it is going to be my wedding! The problem is, I am so not ready in terms of the whole preparation. I feel so bad that I am quite behind in everything and what if things won’t get done in time? I really must work extra hard this week to make sure that things go according to plan.

Of course, I had to sneak in a little gym time today. I just had to go work out. However, since I did not have much time to spend on the gym, I only did an hour on the treadmill and that was it. At least I sweated out a lot.

After a quick gym session, I was back on wedding duties and I felt so exhausted at the end of the day. I wonder how other brides feel and how could they even look so fresh come their wedding day? I feel like I’m going to look like a haggard bridezilla.

Pre-Nuptial Video

Everyone does a pre-nuptial video and I have always wanted one. My fiancé was kind of hesitant when I told him that I wanted to shoot one because he is really not the type who wants to be in front of the camera. But after so much pleading and making him feel so guilty, he relented and so I excitedly called up my friend who could totally help me out with this one.

So we tried to conceptualize about what would be perfect for us as a couple. My wedding won’t definitely be in a church. I would be a garden wedding and so I would also like my pre-nup video to feature lots of flowers and running around in a little pretty sundress and a big hat. That has always what I have envisioned for my pre-nup shoot.

After making a few other calls and booking services for the upcoming shoot this weekend (my fiance’s going to freak out for sure), I excitedly look for inspiration on the internet. There are so many lovely videos and I want to incorporate some ideas that I have seen so far with what I have in mind.


I want this kind of shot where my fiancé and I would be looking so deep into each other’s eyes while only our silhouettes’ are visible because of the effect that the sunset brings. It’s lovely and I can’t wait to shoot and see the actually video.

Wedding ‘Dos

Looking your best in your wedding is really important. Not only is the wedding gown very critical when you are making a choice, what you do with your hair is also as important as well. This is another issue that has been making me so stressed out and I am still torn between leaving my hair down or putting it in a sexy up ‘do like a chignon. But I do not want to decide just yet as I want to keep my options open. That being said, I have been looking for inspirations from celebrities during their wedding day and here are some of the ones that I liked.

I like Kate Middleton’s hair because it looks really simple and definitely not uptight. To think she’s going to a Royal Wedding! But I know that people adore her for that. She could care less about what people think and since it’s her own wedding, she decides to style her own hair. Beautiful!

This is what I really like. It’s classy buy still laid-back. I believe this kind of ‘do fits me well but we will see.


I also like this one because it looks fresh and really pretty. It would probably make anyone look young and I just think it’s so refreshing, don’t you?


Pamper Myself

Today I decided to pamper myself. I woke up late and when I did get out of bed, I lazily brewed myself a nice cup of coffee and some buttered toasts. As I was sitting alone at the kitchen table, I thought of how things were going to change once I got married and not that I am complaining but I know that it would not be all rainbows and butterflies because there would be so many compromises that needed to be done just to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with my soon-to-be husband. I really just cannot wait to be wed and get everything over and done with.

I went to the spa and paid for my usual routine which is a nice full body massage and spend some time at the sauna.

I have always loved the feel of the spa. It makes you really relax and just want to be pampered and taken care of. It definitely helps keep my worries away even just for a few hours. I love the serenity and the aura of the place. I still want to continue with my spa days even after I get married and have kids soon after.

Always take time to pamper yourself. After working so hard for a week, take the time off during the weekends and go to a spa. It does great wonders for the next week.

Celebrity Wedding Gowns

I already have my Vera Wang wedding gown and I am going to go in for another fitting in a few days’ time. But right now, I am going to share some of the pictures of celebrity wedding gowns that I really like which I found on the internet while I was browsing around.

  “Army Wives” star Sally Pressman wore Kenneth Pool’s “Estelle” at her Santa Barbara wedding to David Rogers.

I really love this one because it looks really simple but I love the details and the texture on the skirt. Lovely!

Kim Kardashian wore three different Vera Wang gowns for her Montecito wedding to Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian looked like a princess with her puffy wedding gown. She looks gorgeous!

  John Galliano designed an ethereal vintage-inspired wedding dress for supermodel Kate Moss.

Of course I just had to include this. It is the Kate Moss after all. It’s the perfect dress for an ethereal beauty like Kate Moss.

  Nicole Richie wore a long-sleeved high-necked lace Marchesa wedding dress inspired byGrace Kelly.

I am so in love with Nicole Richie’s wedding gown! It looks so perfect on her. It is fashionable and even if it is so full of lace (I am not a big fan of lace), it tools so modern and so her. That is the most important thing.

 Hilary Duff wore a strapless Vera Wang mermaid-style dress at her Montecito wedding toMike Comrie.

She looks so divine in her wedding gown. I love the sexy bodice because it fits her so well and the lush ends of the gown are so beautifully done.

I cannot wait to wear my own wedding gown!

Yoga and Gym

After my first gym session last time, I am now getting ready for my yoga class. To tell you honestly, I am not really as excited as I was when I prepared for gym. Of course, yoga outfits are really cool and sexy but in terms of the overall workout process, I am a bit hesitant to do yoga. First of all, I can never be the kind of person who could stay still for a long period of time and just concentrate on finding your center or whatever yoga instructors tell you to do. But then again, I am also ready to try it out because I may never know I may just like it after all right?

I can just imagine myself doing this for a long time. Hmm, I hope I can stop my mind from wandering and thinking about other stuff for my wedding preparations. This could really be hard. I have never been one to keep quiet you know. Plus, I expect that I would really feel weird about hearing nothing but my own breathing and whatever. Silence can after all be really deafening.


This is a really cute outfit. I must be proud of my curves like her.

One other thing that I doubt about myself doing yoga is my ability to perform the stances and whatever else my friends tell me they do in yoga. I am not exactly the most flexible person in the world.

Wish me luck guys! After yoga, it’s back to the gym and working out on that treadmill.


Piece of Cake

Tomorrow we are going to plan for the perfect wedding cake. I have already something in mind but I am not very sure about it yet. So what I did was, I researched on the internet about the possible wedding cakes that I could get inspiration from. I am not exactly a traditional kind of bride and that is why I really want to have a wedding cake that would be more modern and not the usual white tiered cakes that we always see in classic weddings.

Let me share some of the things I saw online.

Stenciled Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

This looks like a good idea. We could also do this and put in our initials on top of the cake. I like it because it is simple and very modern. It is practical as well. Tiered cakes are not exactly all edible.

Chocolate Faux-Bois Wedding Cake

Yes, I do love chocolate cakes. This one looks really delicious (and fattening). It definitely is not traditional in terms of color. I like it.

Licorice Wedding Cake

I like this because it looks really neat and chic. It looks quite traditional but also modern at the same time. This is perfect especially if you want to maintain a small bit of traditional in your cake choice but also gear a bit towards a more contemporary taste.

These are just some of the cakes that I really find interesting and somewhat could follow for my own wedding cake. I will keep you posted.

First Class

Today was my first day in the gym. Let me just say that I really woke up very cheerful and excited to workout. My mindset was all about my wedding and for my wedding. The dread of sweating it out and aching bones did not really factor in on the fact that I know it would really be exhausting. All I just wanted to think about was how I had to do it for me to stay fit and sexy on my wedding day. I was going to focus on the end goal and that is to look really my best on that day and nothing is going to stop me from this. No pain no gain.

I used the treadmill for my cardio. Basically, I didn’t really want to lose a lot of weight nor did I want to bulk up. I simply just wanted to exercise in order for me to tone up and just maintain my figure if possible. That is why the instructor told me to just use the treadmill. What was really cool about their equipment was the iFit Live technology that it had. If you guys don’t know what I am talking about, well, it is basically a built-in program that lets you interact with it more and one of its features is that you can actually feel like you are running a real route. With Google Maps, it enabled me to work out as if I was literally running outdoors instead of just being in a gym. Really cool stuff you better try it out.